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“I have never seen an amazing attorney like her, she won an immigration case for me an my family when everyone i approached indirectly told me its futile to pursuit. I only wish people out there who are struggling to get themselves sort out with the immigration discover her before getting entangled with other lawyers who might only be interested more on money and give little dedication and time to their case.
Thanks Lisa for everything you did for me and my family you are the best.
– Gambian F. Anchorage, AK 02/15/2015″

“Lisa Donnelly and her truly amazing staff (Dietrich and Jennifer) always made us feel at ease, comfortable, and at home. The staff support and legal assistance we received was extremely helpful, professional, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. “By-The-Book,” Lisa took us through each and every step of the way. Lisa and her staff always ensured that we had a timely and well-thought-out legal representation; moreover, our lengthy applications were always well-organized, professional, and error free while the application process was awaiting approval — highly recommended! My family and I are truly happy with the service and professionalism this incredible lawyer Lisa Donnelly, and her staff provided.
– Much Gratitude, B. & H. Anchorage, AK 03/13/2015″

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